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Top tips for new compers

Entering the fast-paced world of comping for the first time is very exciting, but it can also be slightly overwhelming. There are plenty of questions you need answers to, such as: Which prizes should you go for? How much time should you spend entering draws? Which competitions are legitimate? 

To welcome you to the world of comping, and to help you get the most out of your new hobby, we've compiled a list of top tips for first-timers. 

A Valentine's Day themed comp collection

Have you been seeking out comps to put you in the spirit of Valentine's Day? Now that February is here, if you fancy a bit of themed comping, why not seek out some romance or Valentine's flavoured comps and try your luck?

A watch might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Valentine's Day, although it could be that you spend some of February 14th thinking about the time you've spent with your other half or looking forward to times to come with them!

That said, there's a great current Valentine's Day comp underway from watch company Swatch.

Prizes that give you choice…

Comping is great - and one of the fun parts can be not only spotting a prize that's on offer, but thinking about how you might use it.

We've all been there, you see a comp for something, maybe in Compers News, maybe over at The Prize Finder or somewhere else, and you start to think 'ooh, what if I won that?'.

The funny thing is, that can sometimes be the case even if the prize is something you'd never really think to buy otherwise!

IRN-BRU's new sporty comp

IRN-Bru drink packs - the two litre, 500ml and 330ml sizes - are set to feature a Commonwealth Games themed comp soon, Promotional Marketing has reported.

Following the UK's excitement over the London 2012 Olympics, the Commonwealth Games are set to come to Glasgow, starting on July 23rd this year and going on until August 3rd.

As part of a Cheer We Go promotion, AG Barr, the company that makes IRN-BRU, is running a comp where people from the UK could win tickets for the Games.

Prizes on offer in the world of hair and beauty

Many women - and more and more men, too - are interested in the world of hair and beauty. And comping can be a good way to get hold of some wonderful prizes themed around this if you're lucky!

As part of the effort to promote new or established products, companies will often run a comp, for example.

Linked to a promotional push for the Palmolive Ayurituel range, the Find Your Sanctuary website has a great current comp, due to close January 31st.

KitKat's flight and tablet comps

Some compers might already have spotted that KitKat is currently running an on-pack promotion comp with tablet computers and Google Play credits as prizes.

As the KitKat website explains, promotional packs have a code on them that can be entered online. 

The biggest prizes on offer are Google Nexus 7 tablets, with £5 Google Play credits also being given out as prizes.

Google's popular mobile device operating system, Android, recently got a new version called - believe it or not - KitKat!  

Three food comps to sample

You don't need to be a foodie to appreciate the trio of comps we're featuring in today's blog. Take a taste below, to discover high-value dough balls, a potential route to being a millionaire through crisp creativity and the chance to grab a range of exciting chutneys!

Will you strike gold with Pizza Express?

Restaurant chain Pizza Express has recently launched a comp themed around one of its popular starters - dough balls!

Comps for film fans

There are always plenty of comps out there for film fans to try their luck at. So if you're a fan of cinema, why not try mixing this with your comping? It could land you with a great prize!

Current film comps

The current crop of film comps could be a great way for compers to try their luck at getting a wide range of prizes linked to their hobby.

Lucky winners from the pages of Compers News in 2013

As always, Compers News was there to report on some wonderful wins as the months rolled by last year…


Our first issue of 2013 had an unusual front cover, themed around compers publications over history, and so didn't include the usual winning stories.

Inside though, Kat, of Compers News' diary team Helen and Kat, was reflecting on 2012, and the prizes it had brought, such as a trip to a polo match. Her vivid description was a treat!


Fabulous fashion comps

Are you a fan of fashion? Comping can be a great way to help you get a fix. We can't always afford all the accessories and clothes we like, but by entering fashion competitions, there's always a chance that you might win something wonderful to add to your wardrobe, or another awesome fashion-themed prize.

Tracking down fashion comps isn't hard either. If you love your clothes, you might well already know where to find some of these sorts of comps. Maybe you're used to seeing them on magazine pages, but haven't actually entered one yet?

Comping into the New Year 2014

It goes without saying that luck plays a part in comping, and so it's perhaps a good thing - for those of us of a superstitious nature, at least - that the '13' at the end of this year is soon to be replaced with a '14' - potentially a far more friendly number for compers who hold store in these matters!

Comps you could enter around the run up to the New Year

Christmas comps, like the Compers News' Facebook Advent Comp, are still up and running at the moment, but with the run-up to Christmas soon to come to a close, we thought it would be nice to take a look at some of the comps that you will be able to enter in the run-up to, and in some cases shortly after, the New Year celebrations.

Chestnut slogans

Following on from our Blog on Skill competitions, Compers News Editor, Steve Middleton, is answering some of our members questions about Chestnut slogans.

More winning chances in the run-up to Christmas

With prizes from make-up to film box-sets there are plenty of opportunities to try your luck in a comp as Christmas approaches. The excitement of winning would surely be a great gift, so in between the Christmas shopping, deciding where to buy the turkey and all the jobs of Christmas, remember to sit down and indulge in your favourite hobby!