Win Art Supplies with International Artists' Day (CLOSED)

Hello everyone!  How is your week going, any nice wins to report?  Just one win for me since we last spoke of an icing bundle from Renshaw Baking on Twitter.  As I have mentioned before we don’t really do Halloween as a family, but the colours will no doubt be used for Christmas baking as there is a really nice Christmas-tree green amongst others!  How has your comping been gong lately, keeping up?  I don’t know about you but I have seen a huge increase in comps springing up over the last few weeks!  Not that I am complaining you understand, but I feel the need to be very organised with my comping – I guess it gets us all into the swing of heavy-duty comping before the rush of the advents doesn’t it!

I find that as well as the increase in comps during the autumn months TV programming really picks up on the march towards Christmas too!  As a family we have started to watch National Landscape Artist of the Year 2015 on Sky Arts – my eldest particularly enjoys watching the process of creating a detailed landscape painting from scratch every week.  We always say that we are going to start painting as a family, but haven’t managed to get round to buying the supplies as yett!

Did you know that it is International Artists’ Day on 25th October 2015 – what a perfect excuse to dust off those paint brushes and easels or start a new hobby!  In celebration Compers News wants to offer our lovely members the chance to win £50 of Hobby Craft vouchers for you to spend on whatever you like either in-store or inline.  You could be buying yourself some lovely new paints, sewing or knitting supplies or some craft kits to do with the children or grandchildren over the Christmas season!  To join in with this fantastic competition you need to be a registered Compers News member, logged into your account and leave me a comment on the blog below telling me who your favourite artist is.  For me I would probably have to say Turner – I am a sucker for a nice English landscape.  One entry per person please, your comments will be moderated and as such won’t appear immediately and a winner will be chosen at random from all entries after the closing date of 23:59 on 3rd   November 2015.

Happy comping and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Terms & Conditions


  • The prize is a £50 voucher for Hobby Craft to be used online or in-store
  • Open to UK residents aged 18 or over
  • Entrants must be registered Compers News members and logged in to their account
  • One entry per person
  • Entrants must leave a comment on the blog answering the question “Who Is your favourite artist?”
  • The closing date is 23:59 on Tuesday 3rd November 2015
  • One winner will be chosen at random from all entries received
  • The winner will be notified by email within 7 days of the closing date, and must confirm their postal address within 28 days or an alternative winner will be selected



Paul Cezanne although I do like Turner too

Mine's gotta to be Turner, as well! Love his gorgeous yellow and orange colours in Chichester Canal and the fantastic views of Norland Castle. Loads more of his paintings, too! Timothy Spall wasn't bad in the film, either. Thanks for the comp :)

I'm going Dutch because mine is Vermeer,
'Girl With A Pearl Earring' & Colin Firth's wig,
dear oh dear!

Thanks for running this comp.

Because I love the painting I have of The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse I would have to say him. The lady is from a poem by Lord Tennyson.

My absolute favourite artist is Stephen Darbyshire, a Cumbrian artist who produces some fabulous paintings. I particularly love his 'through the window' pictures in which I can really lose myself. I'm so envious of his talent!

Dali - I find everything about him interesting.

I love Edward Hopper as he sums up classic America which for me holds a lot of nostalgia

My favourite artist is David Hockney but also like work by American artist Lowell Herreo
Thanks for running the comp...a lovely prize

Has to be Monet for me. Relaxing and calming, encourages me to paint more. Love it!

My favourite artist is Dali I love his view on art

Mine's Vincent Van Gogh, I was fortunate enough to see his work in Paris last year, holding my husband's hand viewing Starry Night over the Rhone in the Orsay is one of the best moments I've had.

My favourite artist is Spencer Byles - a sculptor who works in/with forests :)
Many thanks for the competition!

My favourite is Sally Swannell, I have several of her prints up in my Dining room, I just love the New England and English countryside influences in her work. Thanks for the giveaway.

I adore Salvador Dali and always have!! They inspired me so much when I was young - sorry, but I've always been an "outside the box" kind of person!!

It's got to be Monet !

Tom Lewis a modern artist based in London.

Monet - especially after seeing some of his work in real life, it's just amazing.

Claude Monet is my favourite as he did some lovely colourful paintings, also painting the same scenes at different times, showing different lights.

I do love the classic artists but my all time favourite is Wassily Kandinsky, love the quirkiness of his work :-)

I like Thomas Kinkade, he is the painter of light and I love all of his work

Tracy Emin, controversial but innovative

I love Monet. The colours he used are fantastic and really cheer me up

Salvador Dali is my favourite Artist

Picasso , I like the use of shape, form and colour.

My favourite is Monet - so many lovely pictures

Paul Klee

Van Gogh is my favourite especially the Sunflowers.

I love the new artist Stuart mcalpine Millerand was lucky enough to go and see his latest private showing in London earlier this year(he is a friend of my best friend) so felt very lucky, and very out of place with loads of millionaires asking me which pieces I was interested in buying. Was also lucky to have a win for a meal in the savoy where he has been been chosen to be the artist in residence, the meal was lovely but I was more excited to see his lastest pieces. saying all that , my favourite artist is my daughter, she loves to create pretty art things out of what she can. xx

I like Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I don't know much about art really but I like what I see with this artists work.

There's so many for different moods but if I need to choose just one then Helene Schjerfbeck

It's Monet for me. Just relaxes me to look at his work.

Constable is my favourite - love the landscapes

Am not really into art but like to be crafty myself so will say my favourite artist has always been my Nan who loved to paint

My 15 year old Granddaughter Jade Wood. She has already had some of her neoclassical work exhibited at the Hedon Art Exhibition earlier this year. Her drawings are very intricate and expressive, way way beyond her age. I'm very proud of her! xx

Leonardo da Vinci ,not only an artist but an engineer

Jack Vettriano, there's something interesting about his paintings that always make me stop and look when I see them.

Think my favourite artist is LS Lowry a local man.

Although I love looking at the work of Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet is my favourite artist.

My favourite artist is Doug Hyde - I absolutely love his work and was lucky enough to meet him recently.

I like Jack Vettriano

Chris Alfred J Munnings His horse paintings are atmospheric - Like 'A Suffolk Horse Fair' What could be fairer?

Van Gough for me , went to france last year and saw field upon field of beautiful sunflowers talk about uplifting .

David Hockney
His landscapes remind me so much of the English countryside I remember from my childhood.

David Hockney

Turner to for the brilliant landscapes

Constable is my favourite since early childhood when introduced by my mother

John Constable is my favourite :-)

It has to be John Constable, he was probably the greatest English landscape painter of all time and, after winning a Gold Medal for his picture of the Haywain when it was displayed at the Louvre in 1824, is said to have influenced the French Impressionists.

My favourite, has to be Claude Monet, his paintings are so relaxing

I am a big fan of Plcasso but I also love Lucien Freud's portraits there is just something about them that draws you in.