Compers News Benefits - Puzzles For Prizes

Hello everyone!  How is your week going, any nice wins to report?  Nothing new to report so far this week, but I have been a busy bunny getting everybody back into routine of school, homework, swimming lessons and after-school clubs.  Seems like the afternoons are already filled with the girls’ social lives, having been back at school less than a week!  We have had some non-comping wins this week though with my eldest passing her first taekwondo belt grading and both girls getting swimming awards at their after-school lessons – not actual prizes but I am very proud of their achievements, so these feel like a win to me too!

Now the girls are back at school one thing I am really enjoying is having my evening back!  During the summer the children had tended to stay up later watching movies, playing games or generally just relaxing and enjoying not having to be in bed by 8pm.  Now they are back to getting up early and need their sleep, hubby and I can relax as a couple earlier in the evenings!  My husband is a mad sports fanatic and will watch most things, but football is the love of his life.  If there is a football game being shown on the TV you can more or less guarantee he will watch it – giving me plenty of time to enjoy comping in the evenings too!

In my spare time, as well as comping I really enjoy doing puzzles- word searches, logic problems, kriss kross puzzles etc.  However, as some of you may know I have very poor eyesight and also suffered a glaucoma attack five years ago making one of my eyes even worse.  This has meant that I haven’t been able to do traditional puzzle books since the attack, and have had to rely on puzzling online via my iPad, which is a bit of a bore.  It does mean I also don’t generally get to enter the printed puzzle magazine competitions, as my eyesight and handwriting isn’t good enough to enter.

Do you enjoy puzzles too?  If the answer is yes then I hope you have been entering all the fabulous in-house Compers News Magazine competitions that are printed in each and every monthly edition!  By joining in with the fun word search, Sudoku and arrow word puzzles you could be winning great bonus prizes!  For example this month you could be winning one of three £10 Boots gift cards, £40 cash or a £20 shopping voucher, just by completing some of your favourite puzzles.  As well as using the magazine you can view the puzzles online using the digital copy of the magazine that is available to all members (which you can easily zoom if your eyes are a little poorer like mine), and then complete the puzzles in the printed edition.  You can then either send off the printed entry form from your magazine copy, or you also have the opportunity of submitting your answers online free of charge via the website – no stamp required!

So whether you like to puzzle using your traditional, printed magazine, or like the ability to zoom the puzzles digitally and online entry make sure to get involved with our brilliant in-house competitions this month, and see what you could win!

Happy puzzling and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x