Chatterbox Magazine Exchange

Hello all again!  How has your week been, any nice new wins to report?  August has continued to be a very dry month for me in terms of wins, but it really has been very enjoyable having the children home – even if it has meant working some strange hours and cram-working in certain weeks, just to fit it all in.  Secretly quite looking forward to regaining some routine and order now – how about you?  We are away on the Mainland visiting relatives this week, returning on Sunday night, so have had to be super-organised getting everything ready for school before we came away.  Come Wednesday the eldest will be back at school, and the youngest starts school on Monday week – eek, exciting times!  What have been your summer highlights?  Probably Cowes week for me – relatives visiting and plenty of live music, drinks and dancing watching the amazing array of boats that arrive in Cowes over the summer months. 

Once the children go back to school, I am really looking forward to getting back into some serious comping.  I am also looking forward to catching up on some missed TV programmes, films and magazines that I have been stockpiling.  What are your favourite magazines to read?  Depending on my mood I enjoy cookery magazines, crafting, family interest and diet & fitness.  Do your favourite magazines have lots of lovely competitions to enter, and do you enter them all?  When I flick through all the magazines on the shelves at the supermarket, I am always drawn to the competition entry pages – but we can’t buy every magazine that includes competitions can we?  Well, we at Compers News are here to help!  As you know, being a member you get access to the Chatterbox forum, where you can meet and chat with likeminded compers, pick up tips and get details of other competitions not featured in the magazine.  But do you know about the Chatterbox Magazine Exchange?  Here is how it works:

  • Members can join in by offering details of competitions included in magazines that they purchase, and likewise get access to all other participating members’ magazine competitions.
  • Check the list provided on the Chatterbox Forum to see which of the magazines you currently buy are already included by other members as part of the exchange.
  • If you have a magazine that isn’t currently including, read through the further rules to make sure it is a suitable publication for inclusion.
  • Contact the Magazine Exchange Moderator to request your publication be considered for inclusion in the exchange.  You will usually get a response within 48 hours.
  • Upon acceptance of your publication, you will gain access to the special forum area, where you can find details of all the current competitions being run in all participating magazines in the exchange.

Sounds like a great idea, right?  I must get myself organised this autumn, so I can join in too!  Have you had any nice wins from magazine comps?  My daughters have won a few things from children’s magazines and comics, but don’t think I have had a win for myself from a magazine comp.  But, if I had access to all the great competitions included in the Chatterbox Magazine Exchange, I would certainly have much better odds!

So get looking through your magazine rack, and make use of this fantastic free service, as part of your Compers News membership!

Happy comping, ad lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Hi Kirsty
I LOVE the Magazine Exchange - though I have never won anything from my own posting, I have won from magazines that others have posted, which is the point. Other people have also won from my posting, I must just have a block on it.
There is a list of publications covered in 'All About the Magazine Exchange'; I have been buying Blossom magazine for my little girl recently and entering those comps; last time I looked it wasn't covered on the Mag Ex.

We have been camping this week; it was supposed to be Monday to Friday but I managed to persuade my husband we should come back a day early. He and the kids love camping; I DETEST it. You can write a review of the campsite (which wasn't great but the kids only cared that there was a play area) - however the prize is a week's free camping. NO THANKS!

We stopped at a Little Chef on the way back and my daughter entered the competition they have to win a holiday to Center Parcs in Germany. I only knew about this comp thanks to Chatterbox and I had to ask for the form for her to draw her favourite animal, so always worth logging on to Chatterbox for this sort of info.

We went into Nottingham and also visited Loughborough via the Grand Central Railway but it is so late in the season that a lot of comps in tourist magazines had already closed, or else were very local. Will have to visit our own local Tourist Information Centre to see if any local comps are on offer there. Otherwise, like you say, it's time to forget summer and look at Christmas comps.

There was a missed delivery note for a parcel when we got back (from today, ironically). Not expecting anything so don't know what it is, it's being re-delivered tomorrow between 10 and 12.
I have just had a shower and washed my hair and put on clean clothes - in a house, such luxury! My sister suggested I lose the tent! Not a bad idea at all, lol!
Back to work on Monday; kids back to school on Tuesday. Back to reality!
Happy comping and good luck!