Something For The Weekend - Lucozade Kit Out Project

Hello compers!  August is here, can you believe it?  What has been your highlight of the summer so far?  Mine has to be taking my eldest and her BFF on a day’s outing to celebrate her 8th birthday this week.  This consisted of the zoo, the beach, ice creams, picnic, a few beach-side rides and the obligatory burgers, fries and milkshakes on the way home!  Let me know what you have been up to in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

Have you been watching and enjoying the Commonwealth games the last few weeks?  We enjoy all kinds of sport in our house – football, golf, snooker, darts, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, you name it.  I often think we husband would watch meerkats playing in a five-a-side football match if it were televised!  If the Commonwealth games has spurred you on to get involved with a local sports team, Lucozade Sport have a great on-pack promotion to help.  From now until 31st March 2015 all participating promotional Lucozade Sports products will include “Kit Out Project” codes, which can be collected, logged online and redeemed against sports kit for you, your local school or your local team! 

Anyone aged 18 or over can register a club or group and administer the codes, and anyone 12 or over can add codes directly to a registered club account.  The project includes football and rugby match and training kits, general athletic wear and sports equipment.  This is a great project and, along the same lines as the big supermarket coupon collects, this will make a big difference to your local schools and sports teams.  So grab a promotional can or bottle and get entering those codes!

On the sporting theme, here are a few late-entry comps for you to get the heart racing this weekend too:

  • If weight training is your sport, then Sky Sports have the perfect competition for you.  They are giving away a Premium Weight Bench and Fitness Kit in association with the new Hercules movie  Simply log onto the website, and answer the question (Our advice – Lion) by 6th August 2014 for a chance to win.
  • If rugby is your sport of choice, and you would like the chance to attend the World Club 7s tournament at Twickenham, then head over to the Great British Life website and enter their competition to win 1 of 5 pairs of tickets.  Simply answer the question (Our advice – England) and email your details to by 9th August 2014 to enter.
  • Do you enjoy watching the golf?  My husband would spend hours per day watching golf if he were allowed to!  I know he would love to enter the Golf Monthly / Visit Scotland competition to win the Ultimate 4 night Ryder Cup break for 4 people!  To enter you need to supply your details by 15th August 2014 and that’s all there is to it!
  • Does your child like to hula-hoop?  My eldest is a demon hooper, and I know she will definitely be entering the Valentines Sports competition.  For this one children aged 5-11 can decorate the blank hula-hoop sheet provided on the website, and answer the tie breaker “I love Hula Hoops because…”.  They then need to either post or email it in, for a chance of winning themselves a hula hoop, and one for every person in their school class too!  Entries need to be in by 31st August 2014, and I am afraid this one is only open to UK Mainland (not Islands, Highlands or N Ireland).

Happy sporty, weekend comping, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all.

Kirsty x   


Hi Kirsty
I've printed off some of those forms for the hula hoops - it's raining today so we are a bit more limited in what we can do.
On Thursday we used the National Trust family day ticket I had bought from another Chatterboxer (£12.50 is still a better price than £25) and took my two to Wallington Hall where they ran and played all day. My friend came along with her little girl too but she is a National Trust member anyway. Glad we went on Thursday as it rained all day on Friday and after an early shower, it turned into a lovely day on Thursday.

I'm sure we had some of those 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 sheets, might print some more off as the famous 'tree climbing tree' is at Wallington and they can definitely tick that one off. Not sure what we will do today as it's raining again!

Well, two prizes yesterday, a dvd of Z Cars from What's on TV and a winning text for a football from MARS, my son will be delighted with that when it comes. We did win 2 mini footballs from the Tesco Goal comp but they've never turned up. Heigh-ho.

It might be worth putting a query out on the Comping Clubs and Get-togethers part of Chatterbox, Kirsty, if you would like to form a group. I'm sure we have at least one person from the Isle of Wight on there, think it's Gill. And well done to your friend on her first prize, I hadn't heard of the Quiet Mark site.

My two aren't up yet which is incredibly unusual but I'm not complaining. Might just go and check my husband's up as he works on Saturdays. Happy comping!


Hi Kathryn how was your day? Hope you made the most of the kiddos having a lie in, I love when they do that! No such luck for me today, as eldest had a party at 11am so was up early all excited. Had a busy cleaning, sorting and moving day today, as have relatives staying next week and need to try and squeeze 4 more people into our little house lol.

Had the night off comping last night, needed it! Cowes week started yesterday and I was in bed by 10pm - such a glamorous life I lead lol.

That's a great idea about putting out a shout for comping groups -I think I know Gill from the Facebook comping group I am in!

Well done on the wins! Noting new to report here, bit slow a the moment but been working so hard I haven't had as much time to comp. Trying to get ahead with blogs etc so I can have a few days off.

Dinner time here now - low maintenance cold chicken leftover from yesterday with pasta and salad, then off to enjoy the sun and listen to the live music down on the beach front.

Chat soon!

Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty

Mixed bag yesterday; let the kids help me change the sheets and duvet covers on our king size bed, which they thought was great. So did I, I found a brand new fitted sheet still in the packet. Wish I could win that kind of stuff, rarely get stuff for the house.
Then we went down to town on the metro (Newcastle's version of the Underground) to buy the Anchor cheese for the Waitrose competition - £1000 of Waitrose/John Lewis vouchers would be one fabulous prize, don't you think?! Unfortunately we got delayed on the metro because a fire alarm was going off at Regent Centre station so we couldn't enter, or even approach it, for ages. This was on the way home, fortunately. Then it started to rain really hard and I only had a jacket. Thankfully the kids had proper waterproofs but we were all a bit wet and in need of a change once back in the house.
While we were out we had passed an ironing board and my daughter asked if it was a surfboard (!) so spent the evening ironing and watching Quartet, a dvd I won ages ago. Never get round to watching many dvds but I really wanted to see that one. Only taken about a year and a half to get round to it!
Sunday, I fetched my mum and we swapped curtains between a couple of the upstairs rooms as my daughter's curtains, though pretty, were letting in far too much light and she couldn't sleep. Had to be careful, though, as the rail in her room is an odd size and you can't get hooks that size any more, thankfully I didn't snap any!
Then I made lunch for everyone as my mum normally gets that to do. My little one found a single ripe blackberry in the garden so I promised her I'd make a crumble with it. And lots of apple in it too, we had that with ice cream.
After coffee, took my mum home and drove my husband round the area to collect stuff he'd found on Gumtree and also to Argos at the metrocentre to pick stuff up (he doesn't drive).
As I had won 2 games of bowling and shoe hire for Namco Funscape at the Metrocentre from the Primary Times website, we also went bowling. Very noisy but fun!
Will have to start to get organised for work now, my colleague is on holiday for 2 weeks then I am; there are only 2 of us so I'm on my own. Wish me luck and hope I survive!
Happy comping to you!


Hi Kathryn,

Good to hear from you, sorry for the delay - was a busy one yesterday! Hubby ended up taking the girls on a harbour boat trip yesterday morning so I could work, which they thoroughly enjoyed. And we spent the rest of the day more or less getting shopping in for the week, and finishing of the last bits of uniform shopping - bar a skirt and some polo shirts for the youngest I am completely done with uniform - hurrah!

That bowling game came in handy - nice win! I am having a bit of a dry spell at the mo, in fact my husband is the only one who has won anything yet in August - how bad is that! To be fair though I have either been working or out and about, not much time for comping at the mo. I am actually going out with my husband on our own tonight - first time in about a year - so no comping tonight either! Very exciting though, never had a night out at Cowes Week without the kiddos!

Hope you manage to get nice and organised for work - it's tricky juggling this time of year isn't it, I find myself working some very odd hours!

Lots of Lucky Dust, and chat soon!

Kirsty xx