The Wonderful Windex Database

Hello again all!  How are you enjoying the summer weather so far?  Has there been any sun yet where you live?  Have you been spending more evenings sat outside, or weekend out enjoying the dry weather – rather than spending time indoors entering comps?  I know I have been!  I don’t think I managed more than about 25 comps over the whole course of last weekend, as we were barely at home!  During these times, it is often a good idea to dedicate some of your comping time to lower entry, more skill based comps – such as slogans and tie breakers.  And, following on from my blog last week, in this blog I will be offering a few more titbits of advice about how to enter them.

All Compers News subscribers get access to an invaluable resource when it comes to slogan and tie breaker comps – in the form of The Windex Slogan Database!  Within this database you have access to a unique collection of past, winning slogans from competitions spanning the last 30 years!  New slogans are added to this every week, so there is always new inspiration to draw from!

Using the database is incredibly easy – simply search for your desired term – let’s use “Wimbledon” as a topical example - and watch as your screen is populated with winning slogan entries.  As you might expect the first competition in our example, associated with Wimbledon is from Robinsons!   Here compers were asked to complete the tie breaker “Robinsons and Wimbledon are a smash hit because…”  Underneath you will see a whole array of winning slogans for this comp, that you can use to draw on for inspiration in your own current comps.

When searching for slogan idea, don’t just stick to the title – such as Wimbledon, tennis or Robinsons.  Search for other terms associated with the promoter such as squash, juice, racquets, court, England, ball boy, strawberries & cream – the list could go on!  Think outside the box and try and get as many ideas as you can, to help you define your own answers.

To give you some practice in using the fabulous Windex database, here are some current slogan & tie breaker comps for you to have a go at:

  • Do you enjoy making your own EasiYo yogurts?  If you enter their monthly caption competition you can win a 6-pack of your favourite EasiYo flavours!  The June caption comp is on their website now – enter each caption separately by the end of June (I suggest 23:59 on 29 June 2014 to be on the safe side)
  • Would you and a friend like the VIP treatment at a top Dudley hotel?  Do you know someone who deserves a day of luxury?  Head over to the Discover Dudley website and enter by 17:00 on Friday 18th July 2014.  Complete the sentence “My friend….. deserves the VIP treatment because…” – get your thinking caps on!
  • How about winning a Vango Ark 300 3-man tent, or one of 10 thermal mugs from Snow+Rock?  Visit the Just Milk website and tell them about your own Just Milk camping ideal holiday, in no more than 230 characters by midnight on 19 July 2014 for a chance to win.
  • £50 cash sounds like a great prize to me.  That’s what you can win if you enter the Pet Owners Association caption competition by 10th September 2014.  Simply email them with what you think the football mad dogs in the photo might be saying – you’d be barking mad not to have a go at this one! 

Do let us know how you get on, we love to hear from you.

Happy comping all, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all.

Kirsty x