Win something to wear with clothes competitions

  • It's all about things you can wear here on the Compers News blog today. We've spent time scouring the net for a range of competitions that either have clothes or shoes as prizes or where you might win something that could help you buy this kind of item.

    A lot of our efforts went into looking at magazine websites - take it from us, if a mag features fashion in its pages, chances are it's going to offer a comp linked to the subject at some point.

    But our first port of call comes from a rather different source - Mars. The company, not the planet!

    You see, it's come to our attention that there are personalised England shirts on offer in this new Mars competition.

    Regular compers will be familiar with the format. According to the Terms and Conditions on the comp web page, there are special promotional packs out there featuring codes which can be uploaded online. There's also the option to enter by text.

    There are no fewer than 500,000 England shirt prizes being given away in the comp, in a variety of sizes. The competition is set to close at the end of July.

    There are plenty of foodball themed comps around at the moment, in the run up to the World Cup, but while we wouldn't surprised if we cover some of these in future, we've decided to focus on clothing-themed comps for today's round-up.

    If you're looking to expand you t-shirt collection, you won't be short of comps to try. For example, over on the Company magazine website, there's currently an online comp with five NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week tees to give away. The shirts are the work of Prefab 77 and have been produced ahead of the May 9th to May 17th fashion event.

    Over on the heatworld website, online home of heat magazine, there are a couple of comps on offer at the moment featuring vouchers that the winner may well want to spend on clothes.

    One of these will give whoever wins £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers, ends June 6th and requires nothing more than an email address to enter - comping convenience in action!

    The other, ending May 19th, features £200 to spend at Marks & Spencer as the prize, and the same method of entry.

    There's a pair of trainers and much more on offer in this comp on the Elle magazine website, meanwhile.

    As well as some Gel-Nimbus 15 women's running shoes from ASICS, the winner also get the chance to run the forthcoming Yorkshire Marathon for free and a hotel stay and spa package.

    Head over to the InStyle website, on the other hand, and you'll find a comp which has £300 of Love to Shop vouchers, as well as seven pairs of sunglasses to give away - all to one winner, mind!

    The question in this comp has to be one of the easiest we've yet seen - and that's saying something!

    There's also a short online form to fill in for this competition, which ends on May 29th.

    The site also features a comp with £300 in McArthurGlen vouchers as the prize, this one ending May 24th. McarthurGlen is the group behind designer outlet centres like Cheshire Oaks.

    The site also has this competition for a £100 M&S voucher and this Next voucher comp among its selection at the moment. And the winner of this comp gets £500 in People Tree vouchers, as well as their very own Nespresso coffee machine.

    Meanwhile, in this comp over on the Grazia website, closing May 16th, there's a £1,000 shopping trip on offer (you have to become a site member to enter).

    And the same site has another comp offering various items of resort wear - like a bikini and kaftan - as prizes. The closing date for this one is May 15th (again, it asks for site sign-up pre-entry).

    Have you ever won clothes, shoes or sunglasses in a comp? Why not share your prize tale in the comments?