Competition offers a year's worth of milk

There are lots of crazy prizes out there in the world of comping. Though holidays, cars and event tickets may be some of the most popular, there are also lots of more whacky prizes on offer, as promoters try to catch our attention with a spot of eccentricity.

The Tyrells Ridiculous Prize competition springs instantly to mind. Some of the prizes listed in this comp include 'A municipal of your choice' (a soft toy, according to the T&Cs) and 'An ice sculpture of your gran' (which could see the winner presented with an actual life-sized sculpture, carved from ice, the T&Cs make clear).

However, though these prizes certainly attract the attention, their alternate prize is £25,000, and we'd imagine it's the cash, not the crazy alternatives, that will get handed out in the end.

We were reminded of this competition recently when we spotted that Nestle Cereals is currently promoting this comp offering the opportunity to 'win a cow every day'.

But before you start wondering about what you would possibly do with such a farm animal - what you would feed it and where on earth you would keep it, for example - we should note that the comp actually promises that people can 'Win a cow every day. Well… its milk anyway'.

That's right, although they will get a cow soft toy, the winner will have to make do without getting an actual farm animal as part of their prize, but instead they'll enjoy some free milk each day over the course of a year - either two pints or one litre for Republic of Ireland winners. This will be delivered to their door, too.

Entry requires a special code on Nestle cereals, which people can enter on the website to check whether they've won.

The comp has a purchase-free method of entry in Northern Ireland, which you can read about in the full terms and conditions.

The official closing date is June 29th, with a late entry draw happening after the very final closing date of May 5th next year.

All this talk of free milk has made up think of tea - after all, surely this comp's winners are likely to use some of their prize making cuppas? Even the runners up get pints of milk as prizes!

Clipper currently has a tea-themed competition underway. You can discover more here and read the terms and conditions here.

As these explain, there are codes on special Clipper Tea packs which need to be uploaded to the website to make an entry. The closing date is August 8th this year. Prizes on offer include Mad Hatters Tea Parties and Magical Tea Experiences, as well as teabags and more!

In fact the T&Cs promise that this major comp features no less than 100,000 prizes.

And if you're a fan of coffee, housetohome has this great coffee machine competition on the go at the moment.

The comp closes July 19th this year and has a De'Longhi Magnifica Espresso/Cappuccino Maker as its prize.

Features of this exciting appliance include a frothing arm, 15-bar pump pressure and dual boiler system.

Entry is by a sort of lottery-style form which asks people to pick three numbers.

We've spotted that the T&Cs actually give an earlier closing date of May 31st - something compers may wish to keep in mind if they fancy giving this comp a go!

We think this mini round-up of comps just goes to show that, when it comes to comping, finding one competition can spark your imagination and lead to you discovering others that share a common link.


Have you ever won a prize with a breakfast theme? How did you win it and what did you do with what you won? Compers News always likes to know about wins, so do chat to us using the comments section below!