Snacks comp round-up

Welcome to the latest Compers News blog roundup of current competitions. Today we're in the snack aisle, with some exciting comps from the world of crisps and chips.

To kick us off: Prizes like a bag of Doritos, £100 in cash and a 3D TV entertainment centre are all on offer in this current Doritos competition with a football theme. You can find the Doritos Penalty Shootout game by clicking on the link - it's part of a current on-pack promo from the brand.

As the site explains, people who score a single penalty in the online game get a bag of Doritos, those scoring two get a tenner and those managing three get £100.

Everyone entering the comp also gets a shot at winning the 3D TV entertainment centre.

In order to play for the chance of a prize, people need to enter a code from a Doritos pack, as well as their email address.

However, it is possible to play the game - which involves football star Joe Hart - without the chance to win prizes, if you don't have an on-pack code to enter.

You can read the Terms and Conditions on the site. These make clear that people entering in Northern Ireland have a no-purchase necessary route. The comp's closing date is September 30th this year.

The world of snacks always seems to be a very fruitful one when it comes to comping. Another snack-tastic comp that's out there at the moment is this Walkers Deep Ridged 'Go Big' comp.

The T&Cs on the site explain all the details: It's another pack-purchase comp (though you don't have to buy to enter in NI) and ends on August 31st this year. Entrants upload a code from their crisp packaging.

Prizes include Deep Ridged crisps, right through to big cash prizes. The largest sum to be won is £50,000 (not on offer in the Republic of Ireland where the top prize is £5,000 for legal reasons). This comp also takes the form of an online game.

Another crisp company that we love looking for comps from is Tyrrells, whose website has a great competitions section.

There's still the chance to enter this brand's Win a Ridiculous Prize comp - top prize a rather serious £25k! This is another on-pack code competition.

Another rather smaller-scale comp from the brand asks people to review their products for the chance to bag a box of snacks! This could be a good one for you creative compers out there to try!

Meanwhile there's a Kettle Chips competition underway at the moment that is being featured on packs. The site asks for an on-pack code for entry, however if you're based in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, you can enter without buying a pack, according to the T&Cs. 

As detailed on the Kettles Chips site, the closing date for this comp is September 30th this year and the prizes are hotel breaks at Hand Picked Hotels.

Tips for finding snack comps - 

Supermarket search!

Lots of snack comps actually feature on packs, so while you're in the supermarket, there's a good chance you'll spot one or two comps if you hit the snack aisle.


All the comps above are simply on official brand websites - these days, that's one of the other main places that brands like to advertise their competitions.

Social media

Snack brands use social sites like Facebook as promotional tools these days - updates about competitions often pop-up on official pages and feeds, and you may sometimes even spot exclusive social media comps!

Compers News

Of course, you'll also want to check out the pages of Compers News to see whether we've included any snack comps in our Listings File section. Because they're so popular, they're often likely to pop up in our pages!


Has munching on a packet of crisps ever ended with you winning something great? Let us know what you won!